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Academische Vaardigheden

Academic skills and being an academic:

Each academic discipline has its own set of academic requirements. However, there are a number of general skills that students of all disciplines need to master. We’ve separated these skills into reading, writing, finding sources, referencing, and presenting. In addition to learning these general skills, to become a successful academic it is important to learn how your discipline applies these general requirements. So make sure that you also visit your discipline’s own page shown above.

Each academic skill is actually just an application of general academic principles. Being an academic does not just mean learning and applying the state of the art of a discipline. It also entails engaging and contributing to the research. To do this, you need to do more than just understand and reiterate the material. You need to think critically about the content and its context, how the material can be improved, applied more aptly, and/or be explained more clearly. Each skill set exhibits these general principles; it is therefore helpful to keep in mind what it means to be an academic when learning and applying these skills.